Pacification of Rio favelas breathes new life to beleaguered communities

They are an ubiquitous sight in Rio de Janeiro, and can be imposing, intimidating and beguiling in equal measure. Clinging to every hillside of this vast city, occupying real estate with arguably the best views in Rio, are favelas (shanty town/slum in Portuguese), the often substandard housing so besmirched by Brazil’s middle and upper classes. The perception of the favelas

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Finding urban adventure in Rio: the story of Selaron, the streets and the bonde

The city of Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with its green, winding hills and peaks. Atop one such hill not far from downtown sits one of the more interesting neighbourhoods of the city. A neighbourhood of history, charm and atmosphere, Santa Teresa overlooks the city, with downtown and Cristo Redentor coming intermittently into view between buildings like dolphins coming up

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