World Cup 2014 Rio Brazil

The World Cup 2014 Rio “nothings more important”  Copa do Mundo Rio 2014 “Nada mais importa” is what your going to be hearing a lot of in the build up to the finals, certainly the latter given the fact it’s being held in Brasil! If your like me then the most prestigous footballing finals simply can’t be close enough for most of us!  We do however have the London 2012 olympics to look forward to this year, which will indeed have football on the menu.. We also have the Euro Footballing tournaments to look forward to this year aswell, so not too much to complain about at the moment. I for one am struggling financially at this moment intime, as I’m sure most people are, so on the bright side we do have some time to save up for the World Cup or “Copa do mundo” Rio 2014! The Finals will be held between the 13th of June and the 13th of july,( those dates are sure to be unlucky for some ). The Final match will be played in the infamous Maracana Stadium or Estádio do Maracanã! and there is no doubt it’s going to be a cracker! With all the eyes of the world watching the South American Teams they are sure to turn on the style…

I anticipate this to be one of the best world cup tournaments in decades, perhaps Mexico 86 is the best I remember apart from that…. well I’m not going to grace it with the nick name some gave it.. I’ll just call it how I saw it – That blatent deliberate hanball from the once magnificant, cheating Argentinian Diego Maradona.

I know England is known as the home of football but having spent some time in Brasil you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking they have adopted our child! The enthusiasm for football is imense, men women and children party in the streets before and after the national teams matches. I was fortunate enough to be staying in Rio for the 2010 World cup where they had a Fifa Fan Fest on Copacabana beach set up for all to watch the matches for free on giant TV screens. The Amount of noise and the atmosphere when they beat North Korea was off the chart, they were partying like they had won the entire tournament!  The next finals in Rio are going to be absolutely Amazing, without a shadow of a doubt! I think with all the attention focused solidly on the South American teams England could sneak in under the radar and actually produce the goods for us.. Posative thinking I know 🙂

David Osborne

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